| Evidence-Based Design |

Over the years, evidence-based (or research-based) design has gradually replaced obsolete models of the design practice through the use of new scientifically supported methodologies. The new paradigm requires a shift in the way architects and designers approach projects. It’s not just about creativity, but also about evidence-based design, sustainability and innovation.

The healthcare industry provides a good example. Today’s kaleidoscopic reality of the healthcare system demands different stakeholders to base their decisions on outcome-driven approaches. A look into the drivers of design decisions that have influenced and ultimately defined conceptual and physical guidelines for successful healthcare projects is one of the steps for translating evidence-based design into projects programming and space planning. An understanding of these drivers is crucial to establish benchmarks for further investigation through physical performance metrics protocols as well as user satisfaction levels assessment.

At Iconic Architecture and Design, we are committed to designing healthcare projects based on patient-centered models, evidence-based design practices, multidisciplinary intelligence participation and focus on sustainable best practices with the ultimate goal of improving outcomes.