Contrasting Asia

Asian snaps by K. Shakman | April | 2012

This last April was full of surprises including an opportunity to travel to Asia and explore some amazing and kaleidoscopic cultures . Being from Brazil, we are familiar with the usual economic dichotomies that countries in development present, but the kind of dichotomy we did not expect to find in Asia was of another dimension: time.

We could sense the huge and evident contrast between the past and future right in front of our eyes, and realized that some traditional costumes were bound to fade away faster than our generation could expect. Fade away with the pace that technology and the velocity of new times has brought to our lives. The old China depicted by Pearl Buck is gone, gone with the wind not from a civil war, but with the whipping forces of global shifts.

Walking through the Asian fishing villages, through the flowers, birds, and night markets, we still can feel a breeze from the past, but as we look ahead, the same breeze whispers to us: the future is here.





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