“Women in Healthcare” Group

I am delighted to announce that I have become a member of the Steering Committee | Educational Programs for the “Women in Healthcare Group”. This group has been committed to the advancement of women in the healthcare field, advocating for their professional and personal growth, and empowering them to reach their full potential within their career development pathway.

This organization sets itself apart from others by having a national and local presence, and by offering not only the networking component, but by focusing on education and mentorship as well.

The role of women in any profession has been paved with a lot of stewardship for equal opportunities and recognition. We offer a platform where support and tools are available if and when needed. As well stated in the group’s website www.womeninhealthcare.org , “The purpose of our organization is to promote the professional development of females in the healthcare industry, to empower one another, support growth and mentorship, and support business through sharing successful techniques, leads, contacts, products and services.Our content is geared towards women in administration, operations and facilities and those who work with them. We provide content that furthers the individuals’ knowledge of industry related fields and trends, enhances professional development tools and gives a forum for personal growth”.

Among other well-accomplished female professionals, part of the board members representing important healthcare systems such as Mayo and Dignity Health, as well as other healthcare related organizations such as DLR Group, SmithGroup and Corgan, came together to launch (or incubate) the Phoenix Chapter this last year. Our steering committee met this last week at DLR Group, establishing the official date of our incubation period. This “incubation period”, which will last for a year, will serve to “test the waters” as to what can be strategized, organized and delivered by our group. My goal is to bring the latest information, education and career mentoring opportunities to those who are interested in obtaining or sharing expertise, experience or knowledge. The challenge I see is to provide an array of educational opportunities that will allow the cross-pollination of information among the different fronts of the healthcare industry. So, the challenge is here, I am excited to be at the frontier of this battle, and all I can say is: “Alea Iacta Est”…

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