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| Stars of the Season | Black Out Kids Cancer Event | Cardon Children’s Medical Center |

I have tried to articulate in words my admiration for the American culture for a while. It just baffles me how efficiency and common sense can be experienced in every corner of this wonderful country, or every layer of society. The word capitalism used to mean evil when growing up. It was actually trendy to be anti-capitalist and sinequanon to be in favor of what we used to call “non-extremist socialism”. I remember my readings of Sartre and Simone – did I actually understand them? – and how I used to think of how I would change the world and turn it into a less materialist place… and, yes, … less chauvinist as well!
Today, the more I get to live in this country, the more I realize that only an efficiency-based political system can allow a larger amount of people to have access to different services and products. Simple democracy and also simple math: more efficient, less costly, more affordable, more people being benefited.
I happen to believe that things work well here because in all public levels, processes and systems are conducted as a business and, as such, should be self-sustainable and profitable in order to make it in the market out there.
Obviously, in order to run any business, there has to be people that will embrace its culture and mission, and that are also trained in how to provide what is requested from his/her role in a responsible and professional way. I use to say that the USA has this “unofficial” army, comprised of common citizens, that is so organized, so efficiency-oriented, so pragmatic, that it is almost impossible to believe that other countries will thrive without this kind of “soldiers” at the forefront of their battles. Things work here because behind an idea or project, there is a capillarity-based system, an intrinsic network of these “soldiers” that know how to plan, program, create, develop, maintain and improve in all aspects of society.
I am afraid to say that all this pompous preamble was to provide context for my admiration for the Stars of the Season committee as well. The whole group and meetings are so well organized, so synchronized, so efficient, that at the end of each event, we can tell that our “business” has reached its intent: capitalize ALL resources, in ALL instances, so ALL that could be done was actually done and, consequently, the children of Cardon Children’s Medical Center could receive the most of ALL: love and a chance in life.

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