A Happy End!

| Pictures by Taube Photography | 2012 |

| Happy End |

This last year was full of challenges but that is exactly what drives architecture. The problem-solving factor. The relationship between cost, benefit and long-term effects. As our slogan praises: “Architecture and Design, Reverberating in Space and Time”.

We applied evidence-based design protocols in our projects and, by deep diving into a plethora of elements that should be accounted for in the design process such as form, function, sustainability, scientific rigor, cost, schedule, and the client’s branding inventory, we ensured that our design solutions were based on the most recent available credible research.

In the course of the year, we strove to be up-to-date in all aspects of the healthcare sector. Along with Orcutt Winslow Partnership and Dignity Health, we conducted a panel of discussion at the Healthcare Design 2012 Conference, Phoenix, November 3-6. At this point we discussed how the five working conditions categories (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) affect nursing performance and, therefore, fatigue. We brought up to the table the importance of caring for our caregivers, and how the wellness of nurses have a ripple effect in all levels of the healthcare delivery process, ultimately reaching a healthcare organization’s financial bottom line.

So, without resting on the laurels, we close the year with the certainty that we have made our part: responsible architecture, sustainable design, and a huge respect for the client. Thanks to you all and Happy New Year!

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